Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Hospital Information System (HIS) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) for hospitals are all flexible and adapt to your way of operating your hospital, not the other way around.

Still managing your hospital using Excel spreadsheets? Modernize your hospital and get control of your operation from the cloud.


Used by some of the most forward thinking hospitals.

Can you make strategic decisions based on the individual performance of each of your hospital's departments?

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How much time does it take to implement Cirrus?

It depends on how fast your hospital wants to move and the data you already have available. But, we have implemented our solution in record times of just 8 weeks. Learn more

Can I implement Cirrus on-premise in my hospital?

Yes. We started Cirrus as a cloud based EHR, but we also support implementing Cirrus in your own infrastructure or a private cloud. Learn more

Can you integrate with other solutions?

Yes. We can integrate with your RIS, PACS, LIS, or any other HL7 compliant solution. We can also work with you to integrate to any other lagacy systems you have running in your hospital. Learn more

Implement Cirrus without any risks.

You only need an internet connection to get started.