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Cloud-based Hospital Information System.

Cirrus is a fully integrated solution that includes Hospital Information System (HIS), Electronic Health Record (EHR), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP); to empower healthcare providers.

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Four modules are pillars of the transformation of a Hospital.

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Electronic Health records of all your patients. Real-time information for the clinical decision-making process.

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Cirrus ERP module integrates the clinical power of EHR + HIS with the versatility of an ERP made to potentiate the administration of material and human resources.

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Cirrus Hospital Information System supports you in obtaining the clinical and traceability of the patient in a new way. It is without a doubt the best HIS for hospitals you can find.

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With Cirrus RCM, Manage the entire billing cycle of your patients. From patient eligibility to final payment. Supervise
the complete process of generating revenue for your hospital.

Cirrus is a comprehensive and Cloud software for hospitals.

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It is designed to inspire change in clinical processes and administrative modernization through technology. With our Software, hospitals worldwide transfer the benefits of modern technology to their patients, reducing costs and improving patient care and safety.

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Modern and powerful Software.  

A trustworthy hospital software supports operational, strategic, and tactical activities. Clinical and administrative decision-making is facilitated.

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Our Software helps hospitals and clinics.
Manage more than 4,000 hospital beds
in 5 countries on three continents.

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The benefits of Cirrus technology save us time and effort. So we can use that time in other areas that matter, as the patient.

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Miguel Castillo, Director General Hospital SEDNA
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With Cirrus, a hospital manages to reduce costs by up to 40%

When our team of expert consultants in hospital information have investigated how hospitals can reduce expenses and costs, they have found that internal communication and the correct functioning of warehouses, operating rooms, supplies, pharmacy, etc. are the catalyst for reducing hospital costs. We make sure that with Cirrus you can have a better cost performance simply by using the correct software.

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Patient safety

The traceability of the patient from his admission to his clinical discharge is guaranteed when using Cirrus.

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Reduction of operating costs.

Thanks to its statistical analysis, you can reduce operating costs by up to 25% with Cirrus.

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You do not pay for licenses, versions, or software updates.

Being Software in the Cloud, you do not have to pay for updates, and you ensure that you always have the most updated version.

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Avoid maintenance costs or technological infrastructure.

Cirrus' Software as a service (SaaS) model is for a monthly, quarterly, or annual payment without the need to invest in unnecessary hardware or servers.

Better Software,
Better healthcare.

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If technology could help you

What would be the first change you would make inside your hospital?
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Improve patient safety and satisfaction.

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Ensure that the clinical area is in sync with the rest of the organization.

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Improve clinical or business decision making in the hospital.

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