Patient-centered clinical processes and control are possible.

The role of medical director of a hospital is vital to patient safety and satisfaction. The way in which a medical director can improve and control the clinical processes of a hospital is through software that allows patient traceability.

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Easy-to-use software that doctors will love.

Being in charge of administration and finances of a hospital is a complex task. Collecting income and expense information, obtaining costs and income statements becomes a process of days.
With Cirrus it's easier. Our ERP by integrating with the clinical and information layers of the hospital achieves absolute power in monetary information.

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Collaborative clinical record.

These are other times of software, today the ease of use and the evolution of the experience of using the clinical record is different from that of 10 or 30 years ago.

Administration and total control of the operating room

The operating room agenda is one of the favorite features of hospital medical directors.

Medicine administration

Our automation in the administration of medicines and link with the clinical record is one of the reasons why more clients prefer us.

Clinical decisions

Patient safety perhaps is the greatest clinical challenge
and operating a hospital. With Cirrus you can achieve
efficient clinical traceability and technologically powerful.