Better decisions
and lower costs
for your hospital
with Estela

Do you know which provider offers the best price?
What is the most profitable surgery at your hospital?
These answers are already in your data.
With Estela, find them in seconds.

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A hospital can generate up to 5 million business data
monthly. Visualize quickly your information, without
needing technical knowledge.

This is the most modern way a clinic or a hospital
can take advantage of its operations in the clinical,
administrative, and financial areas.

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Estela benefits

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Data analysis

Switch from a hospital that only generates data into a modern hospital that exploits the best
of its data.

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Only one truth

There will be only one information source, instead of many opinions.

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Early access

Get instant answers without depending on a TI team.

What can Estela analyze?

All your hospital areas!

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This board is one of the most
popular for the administrative
teams. See quickly income
statements by each department,
income by branch, financial liquidity,
and much more.

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Clinics Network

If you manage a clinical network
or different branches, you can
comparate each other, and find
out quickly the locations with the
highest or lowest incomes.

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Segment through your patient's
age, gender, location, or dates
to manage your marketing efforts efficiently.

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Analyze not only your
product sales but also your clinical services. Filter from
the storage movements to
the number of surgeries or consultations by physician.

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Keep the right
traceability of your
surgeons, make
quantitative monitoring, evaluate your staff, and
guide the efforts.

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Analyze all your
procedures with
precise numbers: not
only data range, but also
by physician, OR room,
and bills.

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Are you taking the
most advantage of your providers, and their products
or services? Make a complete analysis with the help of comparing boards.

Better software,
Better healthcare.

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Download an Estela
brochure and find out
all you can achieve

Take advantage of the operations
in the clinical, administrative, and
financial areas fo your hospital.