Improve your Hospital’s operations and communication with our Cloud Hospital Information System (HIS).

Cirrus is a fully integrated system for all your clinical and administrative processes.

From patient admissions and eligibility, all the way to inventory management and patient discharge. Everything and everyone in sync.

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5 benefits of implementing a Hospital Information System

Easy access to clinical and demographic patient information

Forecast the demand for medicines by optimizing the supply chain

Easy integration with other systems through the HL7 hospital protocol

The hospital is able to promote an integration of information at each stage of the patient's stay

Improve patient satisfaction due to better integration of hospital processes

Pharmacy Management

Through this module you can manage pharmacy inventory by stock control, internal order and material returns. Also you can ensure medication traceability, patient security and pharmacist validation.

Inpatient Management

The patients and their families’ experience in the hospital are important. With this functionality manage and assign beds and charge for the duration of their stay.

Operating Room

Our O.R. Management module makes the scheduling process seamless for your team. Configure surgery trays by procedure, surgeons’ preferences, and a powerful calendar that helps everyone be prepared before every surgery.

Outpatient Engagement

Due to the importance of patient compliance, your hospital can guarantee hassle-free registration and appointments. By using Cirrus your patient waiting time will be decreased to the minimal level which will improve your patient satisfaction.

Emergency Room (ER)

An easy, organized and controlled process of TRIAGE. Cirrus helps hospitals achieve a better management of their ERs.

Laboratory & Imaging

Through integrations with the HL7 protocol, Cirrus ensures that the imaging and laboratory department can be visualized in the same software. So doctors will not have to use more than one application for patient care.

Why is Cirrus HIS the best?

The best user experience

Intuitive and easy for anyone. Save time without getting lost in the software.

Improve the quality of patient care

Predictive technology and drug alerts. Interoperability can be achieved.

Operating efficiency

Increase the visibility of processes Avoid fraud or bad hospital practices.