Optimize your hospital’s medical & administrative processes.

With Cirrus Hospital Information System (HIS), make your operations more efficient, control the movements of your inventories in detail, synchronize information between departments and maintain a detailed status of each patient, all with highly secure Software on the cloud.

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Main benefits for Cirrus Hospital Information System deployment:

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Better control of inventories at healthy levels.

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Easy access to synchronized patient data either clinical or demographical.

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More excellent patient satisfaction.

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Minimize operational errors within the organization.

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Making decisions based on historical and forecast trends.

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Easy integration with other systems through international hospital protocols.

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Cirrus modules in which you
can manage your hospital:

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Pharmacy Management

Managing the in-hospital pharmacy is one of the greatest challenges. Cirrus can reduce the losses and mismanagement in the hospital pharmacy by up to 35%.

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Inpatient Engagement

The patient's experience is vital to achieving satisfaction and safety. Cirrus makes it easy and fast to improve a patient's journey.

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Emergency Room (ER)

In an emergency room it is mandatory to provide an easy, organized and fast triage process. Cirrus makes that.

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Operating Room

When a surgery is scheduled, Cirrus's functionality will make the entire process easier and more integration between different departments. You can prepare the operating tray or trays, doctors' other preferences, and a robust collaborative agenda with the medical team and hospital's inventory.

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Outpatient Engagement

With Cirrus you can have a schedule and accounts of medical assistants that are integrated into the entire operational and administrative processes possible. Cirrus is a patient centric solution. 

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Laboratory and Imaging

Through integrations with the HL7 protocol, Cirrus achieves that the imaging and laboratory department can be viewed in the same software.

Why is Cirrus HIS the best?

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The best user experience

Intuitive and easy for anyone, save time without getting lost in the software.

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Improves the quality of patient care

Predictive technology and drug alerts. Inter-operability can be achieved

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Operational efficiency

Increase the visibility of the processes. Avoid fraud or  hospital mismanagement practices.

Cirrus HIS features

Patient intake and search

A complete patient registration form incorporating custom fields for each organization. Also, since patients are registered with a unique file number, duplicated profiles are avoided automatically.

Patient account

After confirming the data, a patient account is created. This account records which doctor is treating the patient, the time and conditions they arrived, the floor and the bed on which the patient will be placed, and the reason for the consultation, among other details.

Responsible information

Cirrus has a contact information section for family members, legal guardians, or responsible representatives for patients who are minors or who cannot respond for themselves.

Policy and insurer details

Specific screens to register the insurer's or third-party payer's information responsible for the patient's account, including name, policy, validity, and other details.

Allergies and general notes

Allergies can be recorded when the patient is admitted. These medical indications remain visible to all the healthcare staff throughout the patient's stay.
In addition, Cirrus has a section of general notes that serve for better identification, description, or other details

Diagnostic and medication templates

Organizations can pre-upload lists and templates containing diagnoses, medications, studies, or other indications.

Services requests and special filters

It is possible from the HIS windows to request a service from the imaging or laboratory departments, selecting from the catalog and options available at the hospital. The request records the order status, the doctor or nurse who requested it, the details, and whether a charge has already been generated.

Special filters allow sorting by date, warehouse, or laboratory the orders that have been filled or are pending.

Nursing Dashboard

On the nursing dashboard, healthcare staff have visibility of all inpatients in the organization. Additionally, nurses can search by name and arrange it according to workstations.

Printing documents for nursing

Options that enable the nursing team to print any consent, document, or regulation related to patient care.

Bed board

This screen allows users to observe the occupancy of hospital beds and have patient details in each of them.

Operating room request 

Physicians and nurses can request an operating room, verifying their availability and adding the procedure details, such as the patient name, doctor in charge, anesthetic procedure, and requested instrumentation, among other information.

Pending orders

The Pending Orders screen allows users to check the details of the services that have yet to be executed by the laboratory or imaging departments or the warehouse requests that have yet to be confirmed.