ERP solution specialized for hospitals

Have you ever wondered how hospitals pay their providers or how hospital charges are processed? Like any other business, a hospital requires specialized ERP software to control income and expenses based on their nature.

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Six benefits of Cirrus ERP

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Up to 40% cost savings are working with an ERP.

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You get "one truth" in your hospital's cost information.

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Better control of supply chain

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Better control of operating expenses.

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Decision making is much easier.

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You avoid leaks of hospital supplies

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Cirrus ERP modules for hospitals


You can oversee your hospital's income, expenses, and assets through this submodule to maximize profits and ensure sustainability. Cirrus helps to optimize different back-end operations such as payroll management, accounts management, and inventory management.

Cirrus helps you control:

  1. Income and expense reports.
  2. Accounting / Account Management.
  3. Electronic accounting.
  4. Catalog Management.
  5. Financial information. 
  6. Income and expense accounting.

Revenue Cycle

We provide your hospital with the best practice financial processes that healthcare facilities can use to track patient care encounters. From registration and appointment scheduling to the final payment.

  • Agreements with clients E-Billing.
  • Fixed-price packages. 
  • Tax category Management.
  • Generation of referral notes.
  • Eligibility Sale to individuals/public in general.
  • Credit memo generation.
  • Customer advances Control.
  • Purchase-based pricing management.
  • Automatic charges.

Supply Chain

You are managing your hospital's flow of inventory, stock, data, and finances related to products and services, from the procurement of raw material to delivering medical services to your patient.

All this can be achieved by controlling the following:

  1. Inventory Control
  2. Purchase orders
  3. Vendor invoice reporting
  4. Payment to suppliers
  5. Requisitions from areas of the hospital
  6. Material reception
  7. Report and balance control
  8. Price list Control, vendor 
  9. Assortment of products to the different areas of the hospital
  10. Traceability of actions

Better healthcare,
Better software

There are few software for hospitals in the world that integrate an ERP. The reason is the complexity of integrating it with the clinical and administrative layers of the HIS or EHR. With Cirrus, the entire hospital can work in harmony with the same software

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Cirrus ERP features

Product request to the warehouse

Warehouse staff can manage product requests through the intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard. Submissions can be fulfilled through automatic system inventory or manually.

Assortment Report

When filling an order through the Cirrus ERP, an internal control report is generated specifying the sender, the patient account to which it will be applied, the patient's bed or physical space, and the date and time of the movement.

Supplies reception and connection with accounts payable

The supplies reception functionality records the details of the movement, such as the parts and type of supplies received, the date, the supplier, and the associated price list to which it will be taken.

After receiving the supplies in the warehouse, the invoice is sent to accounts payable, identifying the payment conditions according to the agreement with the supplier.

Customizable privilege settings

Cirrus ERP and warehouse options are configurable and can register new products and services or even create purchase orders or requisitions directly to the supplier.

All of this is customized through different system authorization levels. For instance, the warehouseman profile has some privileges, the supervisor profile may have more permissions, while the warehouse manager has full access to the department.

Pending Charge Alerts

Cirrus sends a message if there are charges in the account yet to be covered and warns that closing it would result in uncompleted or unprotected processes.


This Cirrus ERP module allows users to make partial cuts to the account and to charge and create invoices for one or different payers; whether the patient pays part of it, the insurer will cover another part or even a family member. These are carried out as required, and all information is kept within the same encounter and health record.