Manage, collect
and optimize
the revenue cycle into your hospital.

Streamline the business side of your medical practice.
Our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) module includes the whole spectrum of your operations.

From  pre-check patient for authorization (eligibility) to
sales price list management. From claim management to reporting.

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End-to-End hospital
Revenue Cycle Management

Manage the entire billing cycle of your patients.
From patient eligibility to final payment.
Supervise the complete process of
generating revenue for your hospital.

Three reasons to use our
Revenue Cycle Management

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Reduce cost to collect:
Patient experience and revenue cycle are deeply connected. With much faster patient eligibility, you can reduce approvals time. Improve your service, make your patients happier.

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Reduce the number of rejections and denials:
Misunderstanding rejections and denials can create very costly errors and have a significant, negative impact on your overall revenue cycle.

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Implement a claim and contract management process:
Enhance understanding of how claim payments impact the bottom line. The hospital's reputation is also at risk in specific high-profile claims so that knowing claims outcomes and processes ensure consistency.

Our software is
Nphies Compliant

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What is Nphies?

Nphies is the National Platform for Health & Insurance Transforming the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia by using the latest technologies to enhance health services.

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Your margins shouldn't
become your pressure

The healthcare industry is changing fast. Every single change
or shift impacts your margins, so as a leader you have the
crucial responsibility of taking care of revenue.
This circumstance to preserve margins is stressful.

A National Health insurer report released last year announced
that healthcare organizations shoulder a loss of 5- 12% of their
revenues mainly due to errors in their claims.

Drive down cost and time of collections by 15%

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