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What is Cirrus?

Cirrus by Ecaresoft is a software for management of hospitals and clinics. Modern hospitals need software to help them manage and improve:

- Patient care and satisfaction during their hospitalization
- Optimization of operating costs
- Traceability and clinical information of the patient
-Making business or operational decisions based on hospital data
- The adoption of the use of technology by the staff working within the hospital

By implementing, adopting and using Cirrus, hospitals can be better managed and operated.

How is the charge for using Cirrus in a Hospital?

Cirrus is marketed under the Software as a Service or Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This means that a hospital or clinic that hires our software pays a monthly fee for the service. In return you will get all the services described and you will always have the latest version of the software automatically installed throughout the hospital.

In addition, software as a service allows Cirrus to be modular and for a hospital to purchase only those software modules that are useful. You hire what your hospital will actually use.

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How much does Cirrus cost?

It all depends on the size and level of operation of the hospital or clinic. In addition to the modules that your hospital needs. Cirrus is a system that adapts to the operation of your hospital and based on that we make a quote.
Before giving a price, we must first understand what your hospital needs and where in the process Cirrus will really help.

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Why is an ERP or HIS better for hospitals like Cirrus vs. one custom made by independent developers?

70% of the systems for running a hospital that are developed by inexperienced IT teams fail. At Ecaresoft Inc. we have 25 years of learning, improving, implementing and researching how to make the best software for hospitals and clinics. We do not engage in or develop technology for any other industry.

With Cirrus, hospital staff and managers can focus on knowing what they do best, which is caring for the patient and leaving aside the technical or technological administration of software

Can you issue invoices with software for clinics and hospitals like Cirrus? How powerful is Cirrus to bill?

With a program for hospitals like Cirrus, you can achieve full traceability of the patient during their hospital stay. From admission to cashier payment, this means that Cirrus is prepared for invoices to be issued in the same system. Cirrus is a software for hospitals and clinics that is designed so that a hospital can operate the entire stay and patient safety.In addition, software as a service allows Cirrus to be modular and a hospital can acquire only those software modules that are useful . You hire what your hospital will actually use.

What is the time to implement the whole system for my hospital?

Cirrus implementation is three times less complex than common or old hospital software. Our implementation consists of training staff on how to use the system and upload your hospital data (price lists, packages, agreements, etc.). However, our software is designed to be easy and intuitive to use.
In addition, there is always online support via chat, this service is included in the monthly payment and we always take care of providing you with the best service and post-purchase support.

Is my hospital and patient data securely hosted with Cirrus?

Cirrus is software with the best technology available. We are official technology partners of Amazon Web Services, which commits us to having extremely demanding security standards and at the level of world-renowned technology companies such as Netflix or the United States Department of Security.

All the clinical, financial or administrative data of your hospital will be safe and encrypted in Cirrus. Cirrus does not own the data and cannot make use of such data.

At Cirrus we comply with the Mexican standards of NOM-024 for the use of clinical records. We also have two certifications granted by the Government of the United States of America on security and correct handling of information. With Cirrus, the staff and managers of a hospital can focus on knowing what they do best, which is to care for the patient and put aside the technical or technological administration of a software

How do I make sure my hospital staff adopt and use Cirrus?

We are always with you during the implementation process. And we continue to train through webinars, chats and online documentation always and at all times.

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