Controlling and auditing the financial health of a hospital is easier with modern software

With the Cirrus Hospital Information System (HIS), streamline your operations, know in detail the movements of your inventories, facilitate information between the teams and maintain a detailed status of each patient.

All this with highly secure software and on cloud.

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A single source of financial information

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Being in charge of the administration and finances of a hospital is a complex task. Collecting income and expense information, obtaining costs and income statements becomes a process of days.

With Cirrus it's easier. Our ERP by integrating with the clinical and information layers of the hospital achieves absolute power in monetary information.

How this can help your hospital

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Get financial reports

Today it can take up to 5 days for a hospital finance director to collect, balance and prepare financial information. With Cirrus you can do it easier and in real time.

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A single source of information

Indeed a department has different information on the same event. This is common due to the lack of uniformity of the data.

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Square your numbers easily

Achieving that the numbers have a unification is possible if the same clinical and administrative software for the hospital is used.

Get the power of an ERP for hospitals

All the functionalities you need to keep an efficient financial control can be found in Cirrus.

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