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May 17, 2021

Johnson & Johnson and Nimbo collaborate in innovation and technology to benefit more than 7,000 doctors in Mexico and Colombia.

‍ad access to a digital education initiative to update their clinical services and share the best digital practices among the medical community. Now, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices y Nimbo will replicate this program in Mexico and Colombia.

The creativity, software technology, and innovation were guided by digital continuing education for doctors with different specialties to train and share the considered best digital practices on patient care. The program for Mexico and Colombia aims for thousands of doctors to better understand the use of telemedicine, electronic health record, electronic prescription, digital presence, web scheduling, and diverse sector normative.

Pandemic sped up the need to adopt new digital processes for physicians and patients. In a world where technology advances rapidly and can change habits and break paradigms between doctor and patient, this initiative represents for thousands of physicians the opportunity to have a reference frame of software tools that will open the doors to better safety and quality inpatient care. The digital gap between a doctor and a patient might be a tough road for medical specialties or practices.

Cuidado Digital is a project led by Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices, in which they searched for technological partners. Software technology has revolutionized access and medical practice ease in the last years. Under this perspective, Nimbo by Ecaresoft was the Software that could successfully gather modern and reachable technology, plus the normative and security requirements, constant updating, and support for doctors.

Cuidado Digital is a collaboration between Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices y Nimbo.

About Nimbo

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